Mentoring Teams

Do you promise

to instruct this child 

in the truth of God’s word,

in the way of salvation through Jesus Christ;

to pray for this child, to teach this child to pray;

and to train this one in Christ’s way by your example,

through worship, and

in the nurture of the church?

We do, and we ask God to help us.

Welcome Mentoring Team Members!

Theological education is best done by the whole church—not just the ordained clergy, so it follows that each teaching congregation or site should establish a team of lay persons who will commit themselves to working with students in ministry by engaging in intentional and routine practices of ministerial reflection and vocational formation.  It is unrealistic to expect that seminary students can be educated for ministerial service simply by going to classes and working alongside an experienced supervisor-mentor. In responding to this call, you will mentor a student in an area of your recognized giftedness.

The Mentoring Advantage

This two-minute video provides a first-person account of the benefits of a mentoring relationship. Click on the image below to begin the video.

Dr. Matthew Floding

Inspiration for Mentors

Internships tend to have a strong impact on far more than just the student! Take a look at this 4-minute video about congregational internships.

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