Models of Supervision

This module introduces you to four complementary supervision models that we have found to be effective in preparing seminarians for their future calls in ministry: faith companion, mentor, coachand evaluator.

Supervisor-mentors are responsible for helping their student prepare for his or her vocation by participating meaningfully in their formation for ministry. Through lived experience and deep reflection, theory and practice become integrated.  The work of  supervisor-mentors is grounded in the covenantal relationship initiated by the triune God with the church for the sake of the world.

Ministry supervision in congregational settings takes place in the context of the community of faith. In agencies and institutions, the church’s ministry is extended beyond these walls. Supervisor-mentors and members of the mentoring team share in covenantal relationships. At the heart of the supervisory task is ministerial reflection  with the student on the practice of ministry and God’s active presence in the world.

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