Models of Supervision: Faith Companion

Supervisor-mentors walk beside students as they encounter experiences that both challenge and deepen their faith. As you listen to your intern’s stories, these can  invite the lens of faith to bring discernment of God’s presence in the event. Through the process of ministerial reflection, she or he may discover possibilities for change and growth.

As you pray together, you may turn to scripture and devotional writings for inspiration and guidance. You can share stories of challenge, joy, and personal growth to encourage your intern.  Likewise, it is helpful for students to experience how faith sharing can be mutually enriching as you receive his or her stories.

An excerpt from Kent Ira Groff’s book, The Soul of Tomorrow’s Church, may provide some helpful ways to weave experiences of faith into your relationship with your intern. Groff writes  that the goal for those of us engaged in the ministry of the church is “to experience the soul of Christ’s integrity, passion and wholeness in these five basic functions of community: worship, administration, education, soul care, and outreach.”  Read an excerpt from Groff’s book here.

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