Models of Supervision: Mentor

Supervisor-mentors have much to teach students, both formally and informally. They serve as role models by being leaders in ministry, as instructors by teaching new skills, and as advisors by suggesting better processes. Mentors, named for Odysseus’ friend Mentor in Greek mythology, understand that students need to know some things to be effective in a setting. They may ask students to observe them in action and may observe the student the first few times they take responsibility for ministry tasks. Then they will reflect with the student on their strengths and areas for growth in the future.

Videos and Podcasts

An Alban Institute Podcast on the “Ministry Greenhouse” book

How to Build an Effective Mentoring Relationship” : A 2-minute video describing the basic dynamics of the mentor/mentee roles.


Peer Resources: The Primary Source for Peer, Mentor, and Coach Resources


Lois Zachary: The Mentor’s Guide: Facilitating Effective Learning Relationship, 2nd Edition Jossey-Bass, 2011.


“Legitimate Peripheral Participation: Entering a Community of Practice.” (page 193) How do you help an intern move from their point of entry towards competency in ministerial practice?  Reflective Practice

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